Thursday, February 28, 2013

First day at school: Namsan Elementary School

Yesterday, Mrs. Eugene (a 2nd grade teacher at Namsan Elementary) and her friend picked me up from my orientation in Gumi. They were extremely pleasant and even carried all of my luggage for me. After about an hour long car ride, we finally arrived at Yeungnam where they dropped me off.

Today my Korean Talk Scholar, Jung Hye Jang, and I made our first trip to Namsan Elementary. Mrs. Eugene told us to come by so we could create our lesson plans. Jung Hye and I left around 1 to make the trek and it was a bit confusing. I made sure I paid close attention as she showed me which buses I needed to take to get to my workplace. Even she got a bit lost though, lol. After 1 hour and three buses, we finally arrived at our destination, and it was amazing. I met a few of the teachers, who were very pleasant by the way. They were very eager to teach me Korean, which is pleasing because I am just as eager to learn it.

After being shown my classroom, Mrs. Eugene informed us of our daunting task: to create a lesson plan for the duration of the semester- 6 months! To say the least, I was VERY, VERY, overwhelmed at first. Thankfully, Jung Hye remained relaxed and, feeding off of her energy, I became relaxed too. 4 hours later, we had completed our lesson plan and left the school feeling accomplished. To thank Jung Hye for her hard work, I treated her to dinner: she didn't let me buy the ice cream though....

After walking back to the dormitory, I bid Jung Hye farewell and headed to the track for a run.

Overall, it was a pleasant day with learning experiences..


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