Friday, March 1, 2013

Introduction to the English Club

Today was pretty amazing...

Well, after waking at 10:30 a.m. feeling refreshed I decided to try and possibly get my ARC (Alien Registration Card) from the immigration office. The only problem, well two problems, were these: Today was a Korean holiday (Samiljeol) which is Independence Movement Day, so the immigration office was closed. Also, I speak very little Korean so it would be very hard to communicate that I need my ARC. Oh yea, a third problem: I do not know how to use the buses or subway YET. It is a goal of mine. After finding I will not be able to get my ARC today, I decided to roam the streets of Orange Town until I got tired. I looked for a way to buy a cell phone but all 5 stores I entered did not have an English speaker....
The employees were very understanding, so there were no hard feelings, just a bit of laughter.

I go back to my dorm and check Facebook finding that a fellow Lander student, Rachel Piper, messaged me. She asked if I wanted to have dinner and go with her to English Club. Of course I accepted and around 6 o clock we hit the town. We ate at a place called Princess, which was amazing. I'm still not too good with the names of foods, I know what my taste buds can't get enough of though...

After this fulfilling me, we walked 2 minutes to the English club. Today was a party for their 100th meeting. I met a lot of international students and we enjoyed ourselves. There was a talent show, dancing, drinking (of course) and an overall amazing experience. Thanks Rachel, you always keep me entertained.


  1. Hi Eric, I've enjoyed following your blog postings. Thanks for the updates! I'm sorry that the clerks at the cell phone stores didn't speak any English.. Hope Rachel and Ms. Eunna Lee help you to settle in whenever you need help.