Tuesday, March 5, 2013

First day of teaching at Namsan Elementary..

Today was interesting..

Since I did not have university classes today and did not have to teach until 1, I slept in. I woke around 9 and tried to prepare myself for the day ahead. Many thoughts ran through my mind as I attempted to iron my clothes in our dormitory lounge. The iron would not get hot! I basically went to teach with wrinkly clothing lol. It wasn't too too bad though..

I met my coteacher at the international center to ride the bus to Namsan elementary. I am still unable to ride the bus alone as the bus system can be a bit complicating.

 We were both hungry so at a bus stop, we decided to grab bread at Paris Baguette. After doing this, we continued our journey to the elementary school. I could barely eat my bread because I was so nervous. Bus 399 stopped at Namsan and we made our way into the school..

"Obama, Obama!"..Who is this?
This is your new English teacher..
"Oooh, handsome!! Teacher handsome!"

Way to start my adventure as I entered the elementary school. Upon entry, I was given a stylish pair of slippers to wear around the school

I met my principal today. In a nutshell, principles are kings in Korea. We walked into his office and I bowed at least 3 times upon entry. I didn't catch his name, but he was a sweet, gentle fellow. He spoke little English but managed to pronounce my name correctly. Afterward, it was all Korean speaking, and I did as I was instructed-smiled LOL. I gave him tea as a present and he gave me 2 cases of Korean Red Ginseng Drink which is a very healthy drink. My coteacher translated the conversation, saying the he hopes that I love their school and Korea. He will also give me a bike to ride from my dormitory to the bus stop. PAUSE...

Thank you Mr. Principal, as I love exercising but the 20 minute trek in dress pants and loafers isn't the most pleasant in 35 degree weather :)

Press PLAY: after meeting the principal, it was showtime- teaching.

I had two 2nd grade classes and one 4th grade class today. One was all boys, one all was all girls, and the latter was a mixture. In a nutshell, KIDS are KIDS! They were very energetic, excited to see a new teacher, and a bit hostile towards each other, at first. They fought a bit, threw shoes and pencil sharpeners, but SOMEHOW I remained cool, calm, and collect. I was told to only play games and get to know the children these first two weeks so you can guess what our lesson was about: Eric Teacher. It was all in all a fantastic day, as the experience was not as bad as it seems through my writing.  We will see what tomorrow holds..

I have gained much greater respect for all teachers. You are amazing and should all be paid salaries like athletes..

Here is my coteacher and I after our first day: BOTH EXHAUSTED..

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