Sunday, March 31, 2013

Past weeks in Korea

It's been a while since I've posted. Sorry about that..
This post is a summary of the past 3 weeks. It will not be detailed.
As far as teaching, it's an adventure EVERYDAY. I'm learning to keep an open mind when it comes to running the classroom. Even though I  spend a lot of time making a "perfect" lesson plan, chances remain high that things will not go exactly as I imagine them. My students are students, and if their minds have an opportunity to wander for a split second then I lose the classroom, especially if it's the alpha male who gets bored. There's usually one kid who the rest of the students look up to. If this kid is quiet, everyone else is quiet and vice versa. I must focus on keeping that one student on task which is very difficult. The language barrier is a lot harder than I expected even though I have a Korean assistant teacher.I love my students though, inside and outside of class. They like to ask me basic questions like, "Teacher, girlfriend?", "Teacher, married?", "Teacher, you are very handsome. "
Open class is the day my mentor teacher, principle, vice principle, and representatives from the TaLK education office observe me as I teach. It was not as bad as I thought. Thankfully they came during my 6th grade class-they are well behaved.
Life outside of teaching is well also. I am always doing something, whether it's university classes, lesson planning, or out with friends. I also joined the baseball club. (YES!)
Basically, it's a lot of meeting new people and drinking, to be honest.

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