Saturday, March 2, 2013

First all-nighter in Daegu

My first night in downtown Daegu was amazing, it didn't start off that way though...

During the day, I met more international students as they arrived to the dormitory. 

I was a bit tired earlier in the day from a morning workout. I napped quite a bit throughout the day as I spoke to my Korean co-teacher about lesson planning. I met my roommate today also. Jack from Wales, is an international business major. He has stories for days that will have you clutching your stomach and slapping your knees.

Around 7 o clock, everyone in my room went to Orange Town for dinner. The best thing about this place was that my favorite sport was on the television- BASEBALL!

After dinner, we looked for a place to party. We walked around an hour looking for a place to dance, but our area didn't have much to offer. Some of the dance places were Korean ONLY!
Tired of searching, we decided to travel to Daegu by cab because by this time the subway stations were closed. Our cab driver was very cool and tried to understand where we wanted to go. I whipped out my translator and typed in 'club' and let him read it. He knew exactly where to take us and about 15 minutes later, we stood outside of this club in Daegu....

Unfortunately, we had to hustle our way into the club. There are a lot of  Korean ONLY clubs here. The door man was going to charge us 40000 won to enter, when the entrance fee was free for everyone else. I was annoyed at first, but I had to understand this is their club, their rules. Eventually, he let us in for free but we didn't stay at this place long.

Wandering around Daegu, we found an American who told us where all of the clubs were. Thanks to this information, we found a place called Frog and danced all night..literally.

As I mentioned earlier, Subway stations close around 11:30pm and don't open until 5:30am. When 5:30 rolled around, we walked to the subway station and made our way back to Yeungnam.

*Congratulations baby for winning Lander Homecoming Queen. I love you

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