Monday, March 4, 2013

Yeungnam University Exchange Student Orientation

Today I woke around 7 or 8. This week is officially the first week of classes BUT this week is also "optional". Classes are optional because students are deciding whether they want to stick with the classes they signed up for. I thought my schedule was fine but I realized that I have to change it to fit my teaching schedule at Namsan Elementary.

We met at the International Center at 10:30am to begin orientation. I met many people from many different countries. I learned a little Dutch, Japanese, more Korean, Thai, and French, I love it. Don't be surprised if I come home knowing many languages. After a slight lecture, we were split into groups to tour the giant campus of Yeungnam University. I learned that Yeungnam has the largest campus in Korea and many prominent figures in politics, law, and education attended Yeungnam University.

My Korean name is "Tae Ba"...the spelling is incorrect I know; it means "cool".

I also met my Yeungnam University buddy today. This person serves as a friend that will help me with anything I need. They are similar to Lander University Presidential Ambassadors. My buddy's name is Jeongheon Heo, she took me out for coffee and chatted. She is pretty cool and very helpful. We had an agreement to help each other learn our languages.

Short post today, I am currently listening to music and washing clothes. I will go for a run to relax and then prepare for my first day of teaching tomorrow. Pray for me, I'm a bit nervous

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