Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mountains, Teaching, University Classes, Partying...Living life..

I conclude this week on a cold Sunday morning in my dorm room...Oh how eventful it was..

Instead of boring you with words, I'll show pictures, beginning with last weekend's trip to the mountains..

 We are chillin' (literally) waiting for the bus to arrive. Mountains here we come!

Personal space did not exist on this 1 hour bus trip.  It consisted of standing, carrying a backpack, and cute old ladies stepping on my shoes.

We came about 30 students deep! The climb was so steep. It was very hard to keep, my breath. If I fall       from this mountain, death. I felt like I hiked at a 90 degree angle!

  "The fruits of my labor, I enjoy em' while they're still ripe"- Lil Wayne..
   It was hard work climbing the mountain, but the view put my aching legs at ease.

    Good ol' Eric, in need of a haircut (at the time) feeling victorious.


   Everyone did prayers and bows to....

  THIS GUY! I want to say Buddha but I'm not 100% sure about it. Make a wish, it comes true.

   This little fellow kept me hydrated, and gave me a couple of laughs as I glanced at the bottle..

 My university classes started. They seem to be very interesting. I am taking Global Economic Issues, International Relations and Diplomacy, and Communication and Culture in Southeast Asia. **Note I was quite embarrassed at the lack of information I know about American History...tssk tssk..

  Then, life during my free time this week...

                                                              Movie night- Warm Bodies...

 The movie theater was huge. And the gun..relax folks, it's a pellet gun I used to shoot targets while waiting for the movie to start.


     I met these cool teachers at English Club Round 2..

     St. Patrick's Day Beer..

    Met my friends (also TaLK Scholars) in Daegu

     The first time I've ever seen a BMW 760 in person. You know I had to do it..

 Waiting in line for the club, this guy loved my look with the glasses: So, why not share some love?

   What my last 2 nights/mornings consisted of..

This week has been a great one. I love and miss everyone back home.

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  1. Eric, it's so good to hear from you that you're having a good time in Korea. I miss my night life there.. Have fun while staying in Korea!